Day 100 – Reusable Produce Bags

I love love love when things turn out just like I had imagined them in my mind. That happened tonight, it was just a long road to get there.

A very “green” coworker (who doesn’t even read this blog because she “Doesn’t have Facebook,” as if that is a valid excuse) had asked if I could make some reusable produce bags for her and for her to give as gifts. Whenever someone wants to give something I have made to someone else, I feel the pressure to make sure it is perfect. When things are just for me, I can overlook the imperfections, but when they are for other people, and especially other people that I do not know, I get a little worried.

Tonight’s bag was quite simple, but I made the same mistake twice, which involved seam ripping twice. That took a bit of extra time. I have also realized how much more quickly I could do things if my ironing board was kept in my dining room. I spend a lot of time traipsing through the house every time that I need to press a tiny little bit of the fabric. Then I need to stitch. Then I need to go back and press. Then I need to stitch. Then I need to seam rip. Then I need to press again. It is a maddening cycle. My house isn’t really big or anything, so I will certainly be able to deal with it.

I wanted to add an element of cuteness to these otherwise drab bags, so I ordered some fruit charms from Ebay and tied one to the drawstring ribbon.

Pretty cute if you ask me!

Total cost: $1.78

Pin it here

(Wahoo for making it 100 days of Pinterest!)


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