Day 99 – Thread Christmas Tree

This weekend while I was grandpa-sitting, I noticed my old container of friendship bracelet embroidery floss on my desk. I don’t know where this used to be, but I am guessing my mom had recently used it for something because it most certainly has not been there since the olden days of friendship bracelet making. I looked in and there was a ton of “new” unopened unused green, and I immediately thought of making a thread Christmas tree that I saw on Pinterest.

A long long time ago, I made a few dolls out of some cardboard cones, and I knew my mom had the extra ones stashed somewhere. I dug out the old trusty “Christmas Crafts” box and there they were. My mom is so reliable! I covered the cone in wax paper and then dipped my fingers into glue and smeared it onto the embroidery floss. I wrapped it around the cone and sprinkled a little glitter on it. I waited for it to dry, and then I took it off of the wax paper.

This project was exactly as easy as it sounds. I ran into a little bit of trouble when the glue was quite stuck to the paper, but I managed. I think I might try plastic wrap like the Spanish directions told me I should do in the first place.

My original cone tree was a little tilty, but I trimmed off the part that made it uneven and now it stands just fine. I put it in place of my autumn tree from a few pins ago.

Hooray for Christmas!!


Total cost: $0 (Also, hooray for ancient craft supplies!)


Ok, so this isn’t the Pin that I got the idea from. It looks exactly the same, but when you click this pin, it takes you to a Russian site. My original pin was definitely in Spanish. I am not sure why, but I can’t find it on my board anywhere, so I pinned it again.


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