Day 98 – Christmas Tree Tags

Once again, I saw a Pin that I liked, and Pinned it before I checked it out to see if it led to a tutorial. I thought these paper Christmas trees were really cute, and when I went to see how they were made, I was taken to an Etsy page that charged $5.95 for 13 of them. Now, I only made two good ones tonight (and two not so good ones), but I surely could have made 13 and it would have cost me $0.

A friend gave me an old book of music last year for a pre-365 Days of Pinterest craft, and since I did not have any antique book pages like the original Pin, I thought this music would make a nice touch.

I had to take a guess that the shape was made from a semi-circle. I wasn’t sure, but when I tried it out, it seemed to work. My first try was kind of stubby, and I was folding while talking on the phone for my third try, so that one was pretty stubby too. Number one and number four turned out just like I had imagined. I plan to use these for tags on gifts this year. I will probably make a few more, but stay tuned because I have a few other cute gift tag ideas for future Days of Pinterest.

Total Cost: $0

p.s. As I was posting the pin for the link, I realized that the comments said “Vintage Trees made from a half circle”

…guess I didn’t figure it out myself after all…


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