Day 97 – Thanksgiving Centerpiece

You may be thinking, “Um…Katie…Thanksgiving was 2 days ago…You are a little late…” but not for us it wasn’t. Tonight was Thanksgiving Remix. It was similar to the original version, just with lots of differences.

Since my parents did not get to enjoy Thanksgiving #1, Tori and I decided to make them a Thanksgiving dinner tonight. We had to do a lot of running around to help get things my grandfather needed, so when we finally were finished, it was nearly dinnertime. We wanted to give my parents a decent Thanksgiving dinner, but time was not on our side. Instead of making a turkey or turkey breast, we decided to go with rotisserie chickens. We made green beans in Ziploc steam bags. (highly recommended), corn, cranberry sauce, redskin smashed potatoes, leftover rolls from Thanksgiving #1, and olives. To adorn our table, we decided to create a beautiful centerpiece. Tori assisted me in searching for the Pins while I drove from the farthest point in eastern Maryland (actually I think it was Delaware…Fisher’s Popcorn, which is like 1 block from the beach…I am betting that is pretty much as far east as you can get) all the way to right smack in the center of central Maryland. She found a centerpiece that had cranberries in a vase and then a puffy hydrangea type flower on top. That was great except it would be quite expensive, so we decided to amend it with a Pin idea that had candles in the center of Clementine oranges. When we got to my parents’ house, I was trying to figure out just how I was going to configure such a centerpiece. I found a vase (which I had to empty of its contents) and decided that it would work well to layer the cranberries and the Clementines. Then I put a candle in the top. Tori wrapped the pussy willow stems around the vase and I have to say, I think that this centerpiece is way better than the two we pinned.

Total cost: $5


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