Day 94 – Homemade Pizza Dough

As a last minute thought, I decided to change my planned Pinterest project and make pizza dough instead. I will probably have a chance to make the other thing some other time this weekend…I was just not feeling it today.

I have this friend at work who has started using her bread maker to make all of the bread their family uses. They have also started to make their own pizza dough from it too. I am very envious of such an idea because I just love homemade bread. Since we have had conversations about their pizza Fridays, I have been thinking how much I would love to try to make my own dough from scratch. I, however, do not have a bread maker.

I was interested in having a quick pizza dough recipe, and when I Pinterested (is that a word?) “Pizza Dough,” I found one that said she let it rise for 18 hours or something ridiculous like that. I figured anything that said something about 18 hours would certainly not be considered quick.

A few seconds later, I found another recipe that said it took about 5 minutes to rise. With that, I got started. This dough couldn’t have been easier to make. I mixed it in my stand mixer for a few seconds, kneaded it a few times, set it in a greased bowl for a few minutes and we were set. (I snuck in some whole wheat flour to this dough…I don’t know if anyone noticed or not.)

The recipe said to cook it for 20 minutes, so I set it and got involved in doing some other things. I went to check on it when I realized that there were only 20 seconds left and it was a little well done. The crust wasn’t burnt, but the cheese was pretty close. I was kind of frustrated because I feel like now we won’t know its full potential.

I wasn’t really a big fan of this dough. It was pretty plain. I don’t know what real pizza dough has in it that makes it so delicious…like Papa Johns, or some local places around here…whatever it was, this didn’t have it. It was passable, but I will probably need a snack later tonight. Hooray for mini ice cream cones.

Total cost:
50 cents

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