Day 93 – Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

To celebrate a co-worker’s birthday, I decided it would be a great idea to make crock pot hot chocolate at work today. My original plan was to get it all mixed up and ready to plug in when I got there. Simple, right?

Then a few days ago I started to realize what a bad idea it was to put sloshy chocolate milk in a crock pot and then drive with it. So I decided that I would stop at the store on the way to buy the supplies so I could make it when I got there. To me, that meant pouring some things in and setting it and coming back to it when it was done. That’s what I usually do with the dinners that I make in the crock pot, so why should this be any different?

Last night I decided it would be a good idea to see what I needed to gather for the recipe…and that’s when I found out that it required me to put semi-sweet chocolate chips in it. If you remember previous projects, I have decided that I am done with using chocolate chips as a flavoring in foods. I just don’t like them. So that recipe was out. I found a different one that sounded tasty, so I went with it. Then I realized that this involved cooking it for 2 hours and then adding some more ingredients. I figured that was no big deal.

Before I left for work, I gathered a few ingredients that I already had, and headed to the store for the others…

Have you ever watched Arrested Development? (If not, you should definitely rent it or even buy it. It is only 3 seasons, but it is a hilarious show that was canceled way too early.) As I was walking to my car, carrying a bag with a crock pot in one hand, a bag with containers of milk and milk mixed with cocoa and sugar in another hand, my school bag, purse and lunchbox in another hand, I said to myself in the tone of Gob…”I’ve made a huge mistake!”

What in the world was I thinking bringing all of this crap to work just to make some hot chocolate? This is definitely an at-home-project. I was already too far committed to turn back at this point, so onward I trudged.

All went well, except that I felt pretty bad as I was stirring my hot chocolate while the kids worked on their math project. Some kids had no idea, but others were watching my every move and making mmmm noises and offering to pay me $100 if I let him have a cup.

This is a very delicious hot chocolate recipe. I highly recommend it. I will probably make it again sometime this winter, but that will be from the comfort of my own home.

(I just realized I don’t have a picture. Oops)

Total cost: $7

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