Day 92 – Tiny Bow

I have to admit that I am not in the most Pinteresting mood today. I did a lot of crafty stuff this weekend and I have a lot of cooking stuff coming up this week, so I was at a loss for a project for today. Pretty much, all I feel like doing is sitting on my couch eating ice cream and reading my book. I saw this bow that you make with the help of a fork and I figured I could at least give that a try. I like to put bows on cards sometimes.  It also seemed like a good size to go on a scrapbook page.

As I was wrapping the ribbon around the fork, I thought oh great…another Pinterest fail! It really did not seem like it was turning into anything resembling a bow. Then I got to the tying a knot part and like a little ribbon miracle, out popped a bow. It was incredibly easy and I highly recommend it if you are in need of a tiny bow.

Unfortunately, I do not really have a use for a tiny bow at this point in my day. I do, however, have a use for a mini nutty buddy ice cream cone though. I am just pretty mad that I bought the mini ones because they are really small and I am feeling like I could probably eat approximately 1 box of these little guys.

Total Cost: $0 for the bow…30 cents for the ice cream.

Pin it here


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