Day 91 – Kindle Cover

I would like to wish my Tori a very happy birthday today! We celebrated by having a surprise party in her honor this afternoon and it was very lovely. Last weekend we went to New York together to celebrate, and boy was it hard to keep that secret all weekend. I even had to make her a decoy birthday present last Friday so she wouldn’t suspect what was coming today.

A while back she asked if I could make her a Kindle cover and I said I would try. (I am pretty sure she knows how to sew, even more than I do, so I think I got a little duped into doing this when she certainly could have just made one herself. She thinks she was doing me a favor by giving me a Pinterest day…)

I wanted to have this be today’s official project, but I knew I would not have time to make it all this morning before the party, so I worked on it in spurts this week. That made it kind of nice because it never felt overwhelming. I finished it just in time to make it to the party on time today and I think it turned out pretty cute.

The only problem was that I did not have a Kindle to test out in it as I was making it. Chris has a Google Nexus tablet that is about the same size, so I used that to test with, and it fit just fine. When Tori put her Kindle in though, the bottom elastic is just not quite right to really hold it in there. It sure looks cute, but it is just a little too loose. So I was a Native American Giver and took her gift back with me to make alterations. I think I will be able to fix it without completely undoing everything that I have done. If not, I will just start over…at least I know what I am doing now, right?

Total cost:

$4.13 for all of the supplies that I needed to buy. This exact piece costs less than that though because I still have a lot of fusible fleece and Velcro left over. The fabric itself was only 97 cents.

Pin it here


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