Day 89 – Wristlet Keychain

Remember all those days last week when I said that my original project had to be postponed due to various circumstances? Well this was it. I had planned on this taking a good part of the night. It seemed simple in my mind, and usually that means that there are lots of hiccups and seam ripping and banging of heads against walls.

But I am happy to tell you that none of those things happened tonight. (Well…almost none…maybe just one little baby hiccup…)

Let’s go back to a time in the summer of 2011 when Chris and I went to New York for a little vacation. Being a fan fans of the show, Project Runway, we decided to search out the store Mood, where the contenstants usually go to buy their fabric. What an odd experience that was. It was in a random office-type building, and you had to go up to the third floor on a very slow elevator (that was even equipped with an old-fashioned elevator man who pushed your buttons for you) (on second thought, was he really an elevator man or just some creepy creep from off the streets that needed something to do with his day???). It is hard to describe how non-majestic this place was from the entrance. When we got off the elevator there was a very tiny hallway with a mystery door, a door to the stairs, and the entrance to Mood.

Now once we entered the store, it was a fabric wonderland. I had wanted to make a dress for Alyssa that summer, so I was going to get a bit of fabric for that. I did not have a pattern at this point, so I was just estimating that I would need 2 yards. Unfortunately, Mood is a “designer fabric” store, with designer fabric prices. I could not justify $30-$50 for a little girl’s dress. So instead, I bought some ribbon that I thought I could use on the dress in some way.

Fast forward 1 year to the summer of 2012 and I actually made the dress…and did not use the ribbon. So now I had 2 yards of Mood ribbon and no project. THEN I started this Pinterest blog and found a pin to make these cute keychains.

This pin tells you to buy these metal fixtures that pinch onto the fabric for the ring to hang from. I found some on E-Bay, but you had to buy a bunch of them for like $20. When I was at Michaels, I found 28 plain keyrings for $2.50.

I investigated the Wristlet Keychain that I had purchased about a year ago, and decided that I could make one like that and use the Michaels keychains instead…using my Mood ribbon and some grosgrain ribbon as a background.

Let me tell you, this could not have been an easier task. I think it took me 15 minutes or maybe less. My little baby hiccup is that the keyrings are just a little too small for my liking. I went with it, and it works just fine, it just seems like it should be bigger.

I definitely love this keychain though. It looks just as good as the one that I purchased. I think it looks even better…probably because it is new and made with ribbon from Mood.

Thank you Mood!


Total Cost


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2 thoughts on “Day 89 – Wristlet Keychain

  1. That’s brilliantly simple. Love that you don’t have to buy the clampy thing, you can always score free key chains at events and re-purposethat ring, especially if you are only sewing up a handful for a Christmas gift.

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