Day 87 – Acorn Cookies

I saw these acorn cookies a while ago and thought they were so cute. You put a Hershey Kiss onto a mini Nutter Butter cookie and then put a mini chocolate chip on top for the stem. They are adorable and festive!

And I am a cheapskate.

I prefer to think of myself as bargain-savvy though. Always on the lookout for a good deal. Last weekend in New York, our hotel had this cute little lounge. It was kind of strange because from the outside it just looked like any old room except that the door said “guest lounge.” You put your key in and there was a room with a couch and a TV and another room with another couch and TV with coffee pots and water jugs and a bin of little baggies of Keebler cookies. It was very convenient for this project that in that bin of cookies was a little baggie of mini Nutter Butters.

I had to buy a jar of chocolate icing for this project, so it wasn’t totally free, but I will try to use that for some sort of dessert that I have to make for Saturday. I am sure Pinterest has some recipe that I can make that involves chocolate icing. Or else I might just eat it all with a spoon. The picture showed mini chocolate chips as the stem, but I decided that since I only had a few cookies, there was really no sense in buying 1,000 mini chocolate chips, which would cost an extra $2+. I decided to put a dollop of the icing into a baggie and squeeze it to make a glue for the Hershey Kisses and then I squirted a bit on top for the stem. You can hardly tell it isn’t a chocolate chip.


Total cost: $1.56 (but I will be able to use the frosting for something delicious later too)


In the time that it has taken me to write this post, there are no more little acorn cookies left 😦


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