Day 84 – Half-back Hairstyle

In my effort to pack lightly, I chose not to bring my hair straightener with me into the city. While at home, this seemed like a good idea because I was planning on wearing a hooded Under Armour non-sweatshirt and kind of dress more casually. That meant that I could just pull my hair into a pony tail and forget about it.
The problem with that line of thinking is that people in New York are always dressed so cutely and I did not want to look like a bum compared to them. A boring frizzy-haired pony tail just wouldn’t do.
Lucky for me, my Tori was there to rescue my messy mop top. She made my hair look like this . The pin does not take you to an actual website…it says it has inappropriate content or something, so Tori faked her way through. I think she did a pretty nice job.
It has been a while since I have embraced my unruly hair. Occasionally when I caught my reflection in a store window, I was surprised to find that I didn’t hate it. The only problem there is that I am not usually so good at styling my own hair. I guess Tori needs to move in so I can have her do my hair everyday!



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