Day 79 – Crock Pot Roast Recipe

For sure, you should make this.

The end.


Ok, I guess I could elaborate a little more. It always seems that we have a roast in our freezer—probably because it is relatively cheap and it is always so easy to cook in the crock-pot. I love it when I walk in the door and my dinner is all ready and waiting.

I never really know what to do with them though. I just pour some water in, add some carrots and potatoes, and sprinkle whatever random spices I think sound good. It turns out pretty good, but never anything like “Oh my goodness! You have to try this recipe!”

Tonight’s dinner was pretty much an “oh my goodness” kind of a moment. I put the roast in the crock pot, then I sprinkled 1 packet of ranch dressing mix, 1 packet of Italian dressing mix, and 1 packet of brown gravy mix (mine was lower sodium). Then I poured ½ cup of water over it and added 3 potatoes and a few carrots. It seemed like there was not enough water in there for the potatoes and carrots, so I added roughly ½ cup more water. That seemed to work out perfectly. It was tasty!

There is a bargain alert embedded in this post too. I needed to buy potatoes at Wal-Mart yesterday (man, Wal-Mart is making quite an appearance in this blog…I never used to go there at all, but now…), so I grabbed a 5 pound bag for $3. As I was headed to the check-out, I noticed a 10 pound bag for $3. I certainly did not need 10 pounds of potatoes, but I could not see any reason why I should not buy double for the same price. I see lots of mashed potatoes in our future!


Total cost:

$0.95 out of pocket this week…I have no idea how much the roast was—it came in a larger pack and I split it up a while ago and froze it. I had the ranch and Italian dressing mixes already and I really don’t know how much that cost either. I calculated that each potato was $0.15 and the gravy mix was $0.50.

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