Day 77 – Flower Ring or Hair Clip

Well…I tried…and I think we can chalk this one up to a fail. A while ago I saw this Rick Rack Ring and I thought it looked like a neat accent piece to try to make. I don’t really wear big jewelry, but I have this one big ring from Forever 21 that I can pull off sometimes. It is a little annoying to wear, but it is fun. I thought maybe I could do something like that with this flower ring, but it turns out that I did not really like it.

It was really easy to make the rose part. I “braided” two pieces together so it formed one piece, and then I rolled it up. The tutorial suggested hot-gluing periodically as you twirl, so that’s what I did. It worked just like she said. No complaints there. I think my little rose is pretty cute.

Here are where my problems came:

1. I looked at Michael’s yesterday for a ring part to put this on, but I couldn’t find one. That is when I decided to make it into a hair clip, which I saw in another post of a similar idea.

2. I tested how the rose would look in my hair and decided this would look pretty stupid, so I was not going to waste my time making it into a clip.

3. Next I decided to attach some elastic to the bottom of the rose to turn it into a stretchy ring…that looked pretty terrible too. It was really tall and wobbly, and the black elastic part was really visible. I pulled off the elastic and pondered what else I could do with this cute little rose.

I am still pondering.



Total Cost: $1.50

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