Day 76 – Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

Remember that time we had a hurricane that wasn’t as bad as New Jersey and New York? Remember how we were like “We didn’t even lose power” and “It was windy and rainy, but that’s it.” Well hello people…we got 12 inches of rain. Stop trying to downplay it and act disappointed that we did not get a lot of damage.

I spent the day helping my family clean out my grandfather’s shed where everything was ruined from flood waters. He lives on a canal and the water rose about two feet above his grass. His house is high enough that things inside did not get damaged, but the outside and underside were a mess.

Last night I bought some supplies to do a craft for today, but when I got home tonight, I was really not interested in making a mess. The crafts will have to wait for another day.

So instead, I cleaned my makeup brushes by using vinegar and water. The pin comments said “You will be surprised to see all the makeup that is left in the water.”

It could be because I used an orange bowl to clean them, or it could be because this plan was not the most successful, but I did not see anything in my bowl. This did not seem to do as good of a job as my old way where I used to squirt a tiny bit of hand soap into the bristles and rub the soap out until it stopped being soapy. I could see a ton of make-up come out that way. I am not saying that this plan did not work at all, but I do not think that it is the perfect solution.

The picture on the pin shows soapy-looking water, but my water was not sudsy. When I clicked the link to see where it came from, it said that this was an unsafe website. Probably because this is a fraudulent cleaning practice. I think maybe I was duped (again). Darn it!

Total cost: $0

Pin it here (but I wouldn’t bother if I were you)


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