Day 75 – Beaded Bracelet Part 2

Shwoo! That was a close one. I have actually finished it on November 2, but I can’t promise that my post will be finished before midnight. That has never happened before. I am pretty sure there are no rules indicating that I must get my post completed on the actual day, and since I am in charge of these shenanigans, I am making the executive decision that what I am doing here is perfectly legal.

I saw this bracelet made from safety pins and beads and I thought that looked perfectly do-able. (You have to scroll down a good way to actually find the safety pin bracelet.) I am not happy with the lack of tutorial on this website, so I thought I would walk you throughit and offer a few suggestions.

Materials: 100 Safety Pins, elastic thread, seed beads in your choice of colors (I probably would have picked purple, but that wasn’t an option tonight. Pink will have to do…It is a valid alternative)

1. I used elastic thread/rope/string to go through the safety pins. Before I cut it, I doubled it over by folding it in half and then fitting it around my wrist to be sure that it would be long enough. I cut a little extra for the tie at the end. Then I got to beading my pins. I actually started doing this in the dark in the car when I realized that I would probably be cutting it close to finish this before the end of the day. That was an interesting challenge.

2. I put beads on the safety pins until there were enough to cover the whole straight part when the pin was closed. I bought my pins from the craft department of Wal-Mart. I was disappointed to find they were out of regular safety pins. I was not willing to give up, so I kept looking and in the jewelry making section, they had baggies of 100 pins for $2. The others were 50 pins for $2.50. Well of course I will take the 100 please. I think this was a blessing in disguise because they were really thin and all of the beads fit on them perfectly. When I have tried to put beads on safety pins in the past, many of them are too small to fit. That only happened with one bead tonight, probably because they were made for this sort of thing. Plus, they were cheaper. I love when cheaper is the best option, not just the cheap one.

3. After I beaded the pins, I strung them on the elastic, alternating whether the head was at the top or bottom. I threaded one side through the hole in the pin and one side through the closure part. The only challenge here was that my elastic thread was a little too thick. The package does not say its diameter, but it is called “elastic cord.” It works fine, but it was a little hard to get into the head of the pin sometimes. I think something slightly thinner would be better.

4. Once I had it at the desired length, I tied the two ends together in a way that you cannot tell from the outside. The starting end kind of pulled itself to the back side, so I tied the unfinished end to that straight part that was formed by putting my first pin on.

I am really happy with this project. I have a special person who is going to get it as a gift this very weekend. She has no idea…except for maybe she is reading this in the morning before she starts her day and then she might realize it. It’s ok if she knows ahead of time. She is pretty much my favorite mom ever.

Total cost:

Beads: $1.50 + Elastic: $1.50 + Pins: $2.00 = $5

Pin it here


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