Day 72 – Peanut Butter Reece’s Pieces Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night in the crazy wind we decided to turn our heat on so our pilot light did not blow out. A few years ago it blew out when a storm blew through, and it was a pretty big pain to get it lit again. We couldn’t find it when we tried to light it on our own so we had to call the gas company for someone to come do it. It was chilly enough last night, so we decided to break down and turn it on in October, even though we usually try to wait until November. I suppose a monster hybrid hurricane nor’easter is a valid reason to turn the heat on a little early. It was nice and toasty last night and things were going well…

Until I woke up this morning to a FREEZING cold house. According to my alarm clock, it was 56 degrees in here. I heard the heat going, but since we have a programmable thermostat, I figured it was on one of the colder cycles for the daytime when we are usually at work. I felt cool air blowing out, which seemed a little weird to me, so I manually bumped the temperature up a few notches. I waited a while and it was still blowing cold air.

This can’t be good news.

We turned it off and waited a bit and turned it back on again…and it was still blowing cold air. I guess that means Sandy blew our pilot light out sometime last night while we were sleeping. No problem…I will just call the gas company and someone should be able to pop over and get it started again for us.


I guess they decided to close for the hurricane because no one answered the phone and when we drove by, all the lights were out.

Lucky for us, we have a cute little space heater. We don’t really remember why we have this or when we bought it, but it usually lives in the back of our closet–the closet I cleaned out yesterday, so I knew right where it was.  I have spent the rest of the day with the heater wherever I am.

I also decided that since my house is pretty chilly, it would be a perfect day to bake some cookies. As we were wandering around town today to check out the damage (in our car of course), we made our way to the new Wal-Mart (I can’t say that without a southern accent like I am from West Virginia) and got the ingredients for these peanut butter chocolate chip Reece’s Pieces cookies.

I found it interesting that the recipe called for vanilla pudding to go in with the flour and baking soda mixture. I suppose it is to make them extra-moist, which is a great idea. I just wonder about that with cookies because usually cakes are supposed to be moist, while cookies are soft or crisp (I prefer soft). I will be interested to see how these cookies are when they completely cool, but I will say that the warm ones I had were AMAZING. I could see myself eating so many of these that I get a stomachache. I am trying really hard to not do that at this point, but it is not even 6:00 yet, so there are plenty of hours left for that to happen.

The recipe calls for Reece’s Pieces, milk chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Since I am on a budget and I feel like three mix-ins are a bit excessive, I omitted the peanut butter chips. I do not think that these are lacking anything at all by not having them. It would probably be good with them, but they are still perfect without them. I highly recommend this recipe!

Total cost:

Reece’s Pieces: $1.98

Milk Chocolate Chips: $1.98

Peanut Butter: $2.48

I had all of the other ingredients already. I only used about half of each of these, but since I bought them specifically for this project, I feel it would only be fair to count their full price as the total cost.


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