Update 2

Day 35: The Goodie Day dry erase picture frames seemed to go well. People actually wrote their food name on them and I don’t even think I heard any grumbles about it. : )

Day 36: Key holder picture frame.

After a while of it hanging in a temporary location, we moved it to its permanent home. It is very cute where it is in our kitchen, and it is a very practical place to put our keys. The only problem is that my keys weigh it down too much so when they are the only keys on there, it severely tilts. Oh well. It is still a cute decoration!

Day 39: Classroom Ruzzle

The kids love this. They don’t quite play it as a competition, but they really try hard to find as many words as they can. Some kids have found more than 70 words. I have spot-checked a few of them and they are legitimate words that could earn you points in the real game. It’s about time that I change the letters so they get excited about it again.

Day 41: Swirl Painted Nails

This was the first nail painting that I really liked. I could see myself wearing this for a while. I wore it all the next day and that evening I was washing some dishes and a big chunk fell off of my thumb. I guess since the paint was so thick, it was easy to peel off. I tried to let it go, but then a little while later I noticed some more was coming off of a different finger. At least it lasted 24 hours.

Day 43: Nameplates for Alyssa and Nick

It is hit or miss sometimes when you give kids gifts that are not toys. I was not sure how these nameplates would be received, but I liked them, so they were going to get them. I was shocked to see how excited they both were to get them. Nick, especially, was super excited. He loved that some of the letters had monsters on them. He noted that some had stars. Then he pulled me upstairs to his room so he could pick out where he wanted to hang it. Alyssa was also excited and definitely liked hers too.

Day 50: Spider garland

I have to admit…I never really finished making the garland. I just recently put what I have into my bag to take to school to hang somewhere, but it is not enough to go around my smart board. There is no school Monday and Tuesday, so putting it up for just Wednesday might be kind of silly, but I probably will (unless I forget, which is quite possible too).

Day 51: The Writing Process Tracker

I. Love. This.

Day 52: Jolie in Glasses and a Scarf

I made this picture the background on my computer. It cracks me up every time I look at it. It also gets a chuckle out of some kids when they see it on my computer screen too.

Day 60: When You Reach Me Download

You definitely should read this book. It is a children’s novel, which is my favorite genre. I really enjoyed it. I tried really hard to buy the books for my students to read in one of my small groups, but they are so expensive.

Day 61: Random Act of Kindness

I got a nice little thank you note, so I think my recipient really enjoyed her gift.

Day 62: Spelling Rocket iPad Download

Alyssa played this today right before she had to leave and she seemed to really like it. It is a perfect level for her…Maybe even a little too easy. I am thinking that it will get tougher as she moves through the levels. I love watching this girl read.


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