Day 69 – Gourd Carving, Ranch Dressing, Mummy Nails

Today’s Pinterest brings you three projects and I have come to three conclusions with these projects. 1. Things that say “A healthy version that tastes just like the real thing!” don’t. 2. I actually can do something cute with nails! 3. Putting plastic fangs into a gourd is such a cute idea.

Let’s start with the gourd thing. The original pin showed it in a mini pumpkin gourd. Since we FINALLY got a Wal-Mart nearby, I decided to go there with all of the other crazies on opening day to do my shopping for the weekend (and for the Frankenstorm that is headed our way). I thought Wal-Mart would surely have some gourds to choose from. I realized that they must not have much Halloween stuff there since they are just opening and most stores are probably trying to get rid of their Halloween stuff. They seemed to have jumped straight to Christmas, which is exciting, but not at all helpful for someone who needed Halloween things. I found a selection of gourds on top of the produce shelves so I picked the perfect one and proceeded to the check-out line. It turns out the pumpkin did not have a price tag or a code to enter, so the manager had to be called. I wasn’t particularly in a hurry, but I just wanted to get home at this point. He called for a produce manager on his walkie-talkie, but no one answered. He asked where I got it, and I told him that it was on top of the produce shelves. His response was that it must have been part of a display that was not for sale. I (invisibly) rolled my eyes at that response because there is no chance that Wal-Mart is displaying something as common as gourds that are not for sale. I patiently waited for a little while, and then I said that it was ok…I was not going to need to buy that gourd. Sadly, I left the store without one of the main things that I had gone there to get.

Lucky for me, my mom is a member of a CSA where she gets a lot of random produce. She gave me these two squashes that looked like they would do what I needed, so I cut one of them up and stuck these fangs into it. Then I placed a few google eyes on there, and what do you know…this squash man is perfect. And it cost me only $1 for the fangs. (I had to buy 8 for $1, but that cost was totally worth it for seeing those cute kids wearing them around my house today and pretend biting things and trying to talk and eat with them. They are funny)


This is where I will throw in the Greek Yogurt Ranch thing. Some people liked it and most people hated it. I hated it. I will (probably) not be trying any more things that say “Healthy version of…” because the chances of it actually tasting good are pretty slim.

The other project that I have been planning to do for a while was painting my friend Tracie’s nails like mummies. A while ago at Michael’s, we saw these fingernails for kids that were decorated for Halloween with google eyes and everything. I jokingly told her that I would paint her nails like that for Halloween since those were just for kids. Obviously I am not a genius when it comes to nail painting, based on some of my past posts, so I was sure that I could not even come close to that level of expertise.

Then I saw this Pin where you can paint white lines on nails, then dots of black and then dots of white for the eyes. I adapted my version a bit from this picture, but I would say they turned out very cute. For once, there are nails that I am proud of and I don’t even get to have them on me to show off to people. They probably turned out well because I wasn’t trying to do it for myself. *Lesson learned*
This Just In: Tracie went to a store and the worker said “nice nails!” Hooray for people noticing the small things!

Total cost:


(which is great if you ask me, since I did three projects today)


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