Day 67 – Frankenstein Marshmallows

I have heard about a Pinterest blog where someone tries all these projects to see how easy they are to do and shows how they are not really as easy to do as they seem. I don’t exactly know what this blog is, but I am interested to find it. I felt like that girl today while I was making these super-cute Frankenstein marshmallows. The first problem I encountered was that there were no directions, just a picture. I was hoping there would be some perfect tip that would show me how to get everything to be beautiful, but there was nothing like that. That meant I had to wing it. The original picture showed the marshmallows on sticks, but I chose to skip that unnecessary step. I melted the green chocolate disks in a mug so that it was deep enough to completely surround the marshmallow in chocolate. The problem I noticed was that it was very messy looking and not smooth at all. So then I tried spreading some chocolate on a plate and rolling the marshmallows in it. That worked pretty well, but my fingers kept bumping into the wet chocolate. So after a few of those, I decided to spread it on with a knife. That was what I ultimately liked the best, but I was annoyed that there was no perfect way to make it. I still had smear marks and finger bumps, but they are passable. I put those in the fridge to harden and did some other things for a while. Then I melted a Hershey bar and dipped the tops into it for Frank’s hair and put those in the fridge for a bit. I was not really interested in waiting a while for that to harden, so I probably took them out too soon to put the face on. When I touched the hair, it seemed to melt pretty easily. I don’t know if it will harden in the future, or if that is just how it is going to be.

The next step was to put the faces on. My beautiful mom bought me a tube of premade black decorator icing a few weeks ago. When she gave it to me in a bag of assorted goodies, I was wondering what in the world I was going to do with that, but I gladly accepted it and stuck it in my cabinet. Moms are really smart people. They are good at planning ahead even when you don’t realize that you are planning ahead. That black icing worked perfectly for the faces on these little marshmallows. It saved me from needing to make icing. I seriously don’t know what else I would have done without this stuff. I am sure I would have figured something out, but this was just perfect. Thanks Mom!

Chris and I taste-tested some of the messy first-round marshmallows. I did not have high expectations for these tasting delicious, but they surprised me. I had to stop myself from eating more than one. It is a very interesting combination.


Total Cost:

$2 – Green white chocolate

$1 – Marshmallows

$0.67 – Chocolate

$3.67 – Total


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