Day 65 – Halloween Chocolate Bar Cards

Of all of the holidays we celebrate in America, Halloween is low on my list. I mean, I like it and all. It’s just that Christmas and Thanksgiving are much higher on my list. I think I even like President’s Day more because I get a day off. When I was a kid I am sure that I liked Halloween just fine…who wouldn’t like a holiday full of getting candy for being cute? Now that I am a boring grown-up, I could give or take it. I like seeing kids dressed up and I wouldn’t mind giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, but we live in the middle of nowhere so that doesn’t happen for us. The one thing that I like best about Halloween is that it gives the opportunity to make really cute Pinterest projects.

Tonight I made these super cute and very easy chocolate bar cards for Alyssa and Nick. I printed a template for the bat and ghost and cut them out. I traced the bat onto black paper, glued on some eyes and then glued the chocolate bar in the center. It was so easy, and they really turned out so cute.

Total cost:


(I bought the chocolate bars when I made the s’mores brownies back on Day 44. Then the other day my father-in-law informed me he saw them in our fridge while he was helping us let Jolie out while we were not home. I think that was a perfect thanks-for-taking-care-of-my-dog gift since we really didn’t have much other stuff to eat, but he knew I probably had a use for them so he rushed out to the store to buy more to replenish the stock. Knowing where he got them, he could have easily paid $1.35 each for them, but my bottom line cost never changed.)

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