Day 64 – Gift Bows

I love a good up-cycled project. We get so many random catalogs and magazines in the mail, and usually they sit around for a while waiting for someone to read them and then they usually get pitched. Today I decided to put a page or two of those magazines to use…and I could not find a single one. Figures. So I found one that I pretty much did not want anymore. It was a Lowes Creative Ideas magazine that they send for free, and I am pretty sure I have a copy of it on my iPad. I already read it, and there was really only 1 thing in there that I cared about and probably will never do anyway. I figured it was ok to turn it into a bow.

I had to cut the page into strips and twist them around so they made loops. Then I secured the loops with double-sided tape. Then I nested the loop sets inside each other and I had a cute little bow. I struggled to find pages with solid enough colors that I would have a desirable looking bow. The one is successfully in the blue family, but the other one is kind of just a mix of colors. I don’t think it looks so bad though. I really like that it is reusing something that would ordinarily be thrown away anyway.

Total cost: $0

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