Day 61 – Downloading an iPad app for kids

Last summer, throughout the 2011-2012 school year and then this past summer, I participated in a science program for teachers. Through this program, I received an iPad. It is so fun and wonderful. It makes Chris (begrudgingly) admit that apple has a good product. We are PC people for the most part.
I used the iPad as an incentive in my classroom last year, but with co-teaching I have struggled to find a way to use it yet this year. I pretty much have full reign of command over how the iPad is used and what apps I can download. Since it is technically school property, I feel like I should use it in school, but to be honest, it probably gets more personal use than school use…especially these days. I kind of got out of the habit of using it this summer, and then when I finally wanted to download an app, it said I needed to upgrade to iOS 5. Well I never got around to it until Wednesday night. What do you know…I totally missed upgrade 5 and now we are on to 6.
So now that my iPad is newly updated, I thought I should try some new apps. The one I downloaded tonight is called Rocket Speller. I have some low level kids in my class and maybe this could really help them. This pin has a ton of great app ideas for kids.

Ok so I need to be honest here. Alyssa and Nick (niece and nephew) are the main ones besides me who use the iPad and this game would be perfect to help a 6 year old with her spelling.
Shoo…it feels good to get that out in the open. 🙂

Total cost:


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