Day 60 – Downloaded a book

Today is sure to be a disappointment, but it has to be done. I have downloaded one of the 100 Best Children’s Chapter Books. It is called When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. Children’s books are my favorite genre. I would rather read about a kid’s adventure than an adult’s romance any day. I am really not even sure what this book is about yet, but it is one of the few on this list of 100 that I have not read yet. Some of the other ones on this list that I have not read did not sound very interesting to me…I’m not a big fantasy person. I like realistic fiction or adventure. I could usually do without dragons and such. (Except the kind of fantasy that is in Harry Potter or The Sisters Grimm. Those books are amazing).

I struggled with the idea of posting about this on the download day or the finishing reading day, but then I realized, hey, this is my blog. I made this whole thing up. I can do what I want. So here you are.

Total cost:

$0 (If you have some sort of e-reading device, you can get the app for Overdrive Media and download books for free from the Maryland Library Consortium, or whatever state you live in I guess. All you need is a library card. There is usually a waiting list for the books you want, but I lucked out with this today. It was like my 5th choice on the list of books that I haven’t read yet, but it should be pretty good. I can’t wait for The Invention of Hugo Cabret to become available. I have it on hold. I hear that one is awesome. I will let you know how I feel about When You Reach Me when I finish it. This has been one long parenthetical paragraph)

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