Day 59 – Paper Pumpkin

This time of year, pumpkin is everywhere. So in honor of that, I decided to make a paper pumpkin. I cut some strips of paper and tied them with a ribbon so they were curved in half. Then I made a ribbon as the stem. The directions said “2 sheets” of paper, but I thought that they were talking about 8.5 x 11 sheets, so I just cut 1 12 x 12 sheet and got started. It called for punching holes in the ends of each strip, so the first sheet I made sure to measure the holes nice and neatly. I put them on the ribbon like it called for, and realized that I did not have enough strips to make it all the way around. It was kind of like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of paper pumpkins. It would do, but it looked pretty sparse. So I cut another sheet into strips, but was a little more careless on my hole punching. That worked out ok, but I could tell the difference when I went to put the second pile of strips onto the ribbon. Then I made a bow, but my first bow was way too small. My second bow is a little large, but I think it looks ok. It is definitely better with 2 sheets of paper instead of one.

I noticed that it is a little wobbly, but then as I looked at the picture from the original, some of hers look a little wobbly too. I think it will make a very cute desk decoration for my classroom.

Total cost:

20 cents (that’s almost as good as $0)

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