Day 58 – Organizing My Dryer Top

Back on Day 56, I mentioned to you about my dryer troubles. It wouldn’t work, and then the Mr. Fix-its did their fix-it thing and it is working now. The trouble is, before my Mr. Fix-it’s dad came to help, he tried to do his own thing, which involved taking all of the junk that was on the dryer and putting it on the floor next to the dryer. You see, the dryer is the one place in my house where I consistently overlook as a place that can be cleaned. It’s not the kitchen, or the bedroom. It’s not a bathroom. It is not in a high-traffic area where guests will really notice whether or not it is in tip-top shape. I just forget about it until I go to set something there and realize that I can’t because it is overflowing with random items. It is by our back door, so sometimes we set things on it that need to go out to the shed, but then when we are headed outside, we never seem to remember to take those things. Well thanks to Pinterest, I have reformed my cluttery dryer and gotten rid of the towering mess that it once was.

I combined 2 Pinterest ideas into one that worked for me with the materials that I already owned. I loved how this lady organized all of her things in color-coded matching boxes and baskets and gave them cutesy labels. Unfortunately, I did not have cutesy boxes and labels. I did have a random lime green lidded box though, so that became my battery box. I got the idea from this lady who said that everything should have a home, even the smallest of items. We used to keep our batteries in our “catch-all” basket (this organizy lady said not to have a catch-all basket, but I am not there yet…). That seemed to work really well when we didn’t really have that many batteries. Then we had a hurricane scare a year ago and we bought some batteries from Sam’s Club to power our radio and lantern. We were set to go for a few days worth of power outage with the amount of batteries we had. The thing about that was we never actually lost power, so now we have an abundance of C and D size batteries…those things are huge. And when you buy them from Sam’s club, it’s not like you just have 2 or 4 of them either. Now all of our batteries are nicely nestled into that green box. It may not be pretty, but it is organized. I went through our catch-all basket and removed a lot of things like paper clips and old twist ties. There was a time in my life when I struggled to find a twist tie to tie things like half-opened broccoli bags in the freezer, so I began keeping any that I found lying around the kitchen. I would toss them in the basket for safe keeping until I would need them again. Well, my friends…I am now a little overrun by twist ties. If it was not brand new and attached to its buddies, I tossed it. It was a very freeing experience.

Instead of a mountain of objects on my dryer, I now have 1 box of batteries, 1 jar of coins that I have found in the washer, and 1 basket of things like a candle lighter, stain remover, and a little packet of laundry detergent that I keep meaning to use on my exercise clothes to see if it really works like it says it does. It is clutter free and beautiful. Let’s just hope we can keep it this way.

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