Day 56 – Luggage Tags

As I mentioned yesterday, today was to be a day of cleaning and household things. I made a list and got to work. Laundry was a huge part of the day. I fluffed up the load that was in the dryer folded them. Then I got to work on doing my chore list. Things were going great. I had put a load in the washer, and while it was washing, I was busy cleaning dishes and doing kitchen things. Chris was standing around chatting, so I politely asked him to switch them over for me. He put them in the dryer and switched it on…and nothing happened. It made a hum like something would happen, but nothing did. What are you supposed to do when you don’t have a dryer? This is the 2000s, not the 1800s. I don’t even have a clothesline! I am really not interested in spending $700 for a new dryer. This one is only 5 years old. My happy cleaning attitude was now ruined by my need to research what the heck just happened. We tried the things the people online said to try…nothing. We made a plan to switch it with one that Chris’ parents have after the Raven’s game, so I was able to get on with my cleaning, but man was I discouraged. After a little while I decided that I had had enough of this discouragement, I need a good Pinterest project to lift my spirits. That is when I decided to make these luggage tags.

I have a ton of scrap fabric left over from various other things I have done, so I loved that this only uses a tiny bit of fabric to make something so useful. Sometimes I have a hard time following directions because I think that I know what I am doing, so the first luggage tag that I made (the purple one) had a lot of mistakes. My seam ripper is my best sewing buddy. I did something that made it really crooked, but it didn’t happen until the very end and so I said oh well, I will just make another one. The second one is better, and I followed the directions much better this time, but it is still a little crooked, just in a different way. I was hoping this could be something that I could make for Christmas presents, but they are just a little too crooked looking for me to be happy enough giving them to someone else. Perhaps I will get better with some more practice. The only problem that I have realized is that I am so busy with other Pinterest projects, it is hard for me to find time to do old ones (like the reusable sandwich baggies that I planned on making a lot of) because I keep needing to do new projects. I will find the balance sometime. I still have a lot of Pinteresting to go.

They look really long here. They are your average luggage tag size.

Total cost:

$2.49 for the vinyl and elastic. I have so much of these materials left that I will probably be trying more luggage tags at some point.
Pin it here (This picture is not the luggage tags, but I found them through this Pin)


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