Day 55 – Drain Cleaner

I like to take the weekends to clean my house. Sometimes the weeknights can get a little hectic. Also, now that someone has had the great idea to have a Pinterest-A-Day blog, I find that my nights are even more busy than usual. So that leaves the deep cleaning to the weekends. The only problem is that sometimes I have other things to do on the weekends too, which means that cleaning gets shoved down in the day to 9:00, and mostly will be shoved to Sunday this weekend. I did some more painting at my in-laws today, but before that, I accidentally stayed in bed until after 10:00. That was valuable cleaning time that was so delightfully spent in my comfy cozy bed. I don’t regret it one bit. It just means there are things to do tonight and tomorrow.

I saw this earth friendly drain cleaning recipe and I thought hmm…I suppose my drains probably are dirty. It is hard to tell since you don’t really see down them, but it would seem like there is probably some funk that needs to get out. It called for 1 cup of baking soda, followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Then you should let it sit for 5 minutes to fizz, and then pour in 1 gallon of boiling water.

As I was pouring in the baking soda, I was reminded that I have tried something very similar to this to unclog a drain. I don’t know if I saw it on this same website or not, but I remember thinking that I was unimpressed, and planned to use the non-earth-friendly Draino from this point forward. Oh well. I already had ¾ cup of baking soda in my drain so there was no turning back at this point. The baking soda was having a hard time getting in there, so I was shoving it in with a q-tip. Then I poured in the vinegar, but it seemed to be getting blocked by the baking soda. It was fizzing, but I knew there was a lot more baking soda down in there that was not being reached by the vinegar. That was when I used my handy dandy long pointed comb handle to poke at it and try to mix it up a bit. (That comb has come in handy for some of these Pinterest projects lately). Then I let it sit…it seemed to stop fizzing, but it said to wait 5 minutes, so I will wait. Jolie must have known something was up because she started barking and sniffing up at the sink. She is considerably shorter than the vanity in the bathroom, but her nose was trying to make it up there. I am sure I let it sit longer than 5 minutes, and I noticed that it was kind of clogged. The vinegar was pooled in the sink, blocked by the baking soda. It was at this point that I thought “oh great…now I am going to need to call a plumber…that is really going to add to the total cost for today’s project! This is probably one of those Pinterest scams where people make up remedies just so idiots like me try them…” I was walking out of the bathroom to distract myself from my distress while the water was still coming to a boil when I heard a gurgling noise. I jumped back into the bathroom and HOORAY!! No plumber would be necessary because the vinegar had broken through the baking soda and was now down the drain. I poured a little more vinegar into the drain just to see if there was any baking soda left, and it fizzed up quite nicely, so I did it another time just for good measure. Then I poured the gallon of water down the drain, and that washed out the baking soda residue that was in the bowl of the sink. I am not really sure how I am supposed to know if this actually cleaned out my drain or not, but I am going to assume that it did. If nothing else, the boiling water killed some of the germs that may have been lurking in there. I am just glad that I don’t have to call anyone to remove the packed baking soda out of my pipes.


Total cost:

Baking soda is like 67 cents and the gallon of vinegar was less than $3 over a year ago when I bought it, so it is difficult to say, but I really think we are talking under $1 for this remedy. That is way cheaper than calling a plumber (and way less embarrassing than explaining to a plumber that I had baking soda jammed down my drain).
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