Day 54 – Spider Repellent

When I was growing up, my town could be considered a small town. We had a Walmart and a couple of grocery stores. Any actual shopping had to be done somewhere else. Then I moved to an actual small town. We have a Rose’s. Have you ever been to Rose’s? If you answered “no,” then consider yourself blessed that you have never had to experience that. It is like a dumpy times 1,000 Walmart. Yep, I said it. Dumpier than Walmart. (By the way, I really have nothing against Walmart, it’s just that I feel happier at Target). The people at Rose’s wear shirts with spots and holes in them. If something does not have a price on it, they make you go back to the pots and pans aisle to search for an identical pot that has a price sticker even though there isn’t actually an identical pot there. Nightmare.

So that brings me to tonight. I am going to a housewarming party tonight for a friend who had asked me to make spider repellent for a Pinterest project one day. Obviously, this has been a poorly planned week, so late last night I was thinking about how it would be a perfect housewarming gift to bring her some home made spider repellent. This morning I looked up recipes, and I found 2 different types. One that called for vinegar and pepper, and one that called for essential oils. Well I had vinegar and pepper, but that seemed to me it would smell pretty terrible. But hello, I live in the smallest town ever…we don’t have stores. Where would I ever get essential oils on such short notice? I did some asking around after work, and I found out that a local massage therapist sells them, so I called. She said told me they were closing, but yes, they did sell them. I said I was right around the corner, could I pop in and pick one up? This lovely lady was willing to stay open late just so I could come get some essential oils. I was so excited. I rushed over and picked up a bottle. Then I headed back to school to make my “home”made spider repellent. It turns out that I forgot to Pin the recipe that I found this morning, so I had to search for one again and struggled to find one. One of them said, “add essential oils to water,” but that wasn’t specific enough for me. I found one that called for using peppermint oil, but I had lemon. I figured it would work the same way, so I went with it. I may have added a few too many drops, but it smells pretty good. I printed out a label using one of the fonts that I had downloaded a few posts ago and we are set.

The only problem is that now my hands smell like lemon essential oil, and I kind of have an aversion to scents, so I feel somewhat headachy. The other problem is that now I have an entire bottle of lemon-scented essential oils (that give me a headache) that I don’t know what to do with.

Total cost:

(You’re not supposed to ask the price of a gift!)

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