Day 53 – WANTED!

Tonight’s project actually happened today during the school day because I had too much stuff to do tonight. I am visiting with my brother, using his computer to write this post, so I do not feel my usual Pinspiration in writing.

I saw this WANTED poster that had kids show all of the different ways to show a number…word form, an expression, a picture, etc. I really liked the idea of it being a Wanted poster, which makes things slightly more fun than plain boring work. Since I have become a teacher, I have realized that most “fun” activities are only slightly more fun than doing straight problems on a paper. You could say “Do this problem and earn a sticker. If you earn 5 stickers you are the winner.” And even if there is nothing to win, most of the kids will work their butts off for those 5 stickers. Sometimes I feel like a scammer.

Since my kids are much more advanced than showing ways to make a number, I turned it into a fraction wanted poster. They will randomly select a fraction and need to show it in word form, a model of a whole object that is cut into pieces, a fraction of a set, and I just realized that I should add number line form. I am not home, so I can’t upload the document right now, but just know that it is a cute wanted poster for all of the identities of a fraction.

Total cost:



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