Day 50 – Spider Garland

Way back in my day, we used to be able to celebrate Halloween in school. The people of the 80s and 90s where I came from didn’t seem to care that we wanted to do pumpkiny and frankensteiny things in school…until somebody started to care. Then everyone’s worlds were thrown in an uproar. I was in fourth or fifth grade and all of the sudden we were not allowed to have Halloween celebrations in school anymore. They were “Book Character Parades.” I remember agonizing over my costume, thinking about how I could fit it into a book character. I should remember what I was that year, but I don’t. Then we came to the realization that everyone would be wearing their regular costumes anyway, so I would be fine to go as I had planned. I wore my Halloween costume to a book character parade, just like every other little darling in the school, and we may have had a cupcake adorned with a pumpkin or a cookie with a Frankenstein face on it, and everyone survived and grew up to be upstanding citizens (ok, that might be a stretch. I bet the kid named Danny who had to sit alone in the center of our 4 pod classroom area because he got on the teacher’s nerves probably didn’t turn into an upstanding citizen…)

So that brings me to my project for today. I made spider garland to adorn the smart board in my classroom. This can be considered Halloween garland if you would like, but if anyone asks, it is simply a garland made in honor of my second favorite arachnid. (Horseshoe crabs are my favorite arachnid…did you know they were a member of the spider family!? Spiders come in second place only because I don’t really know of any other arachnids).

I folded some orange paper accordion style and traced a spider onto the top. Then I cut out the spider, leaving the folded edges uncut so they can link together. I had bought some orange scrapbook paper to do this, and my plan is to make enough to frame the smart board, I just don’t really have the time to finish it right now. I had a near-amputation on one of my spider legs, and I almost thought that that piece was a goner, but it seems to be ok as of right now. It is a little time consuming, and I was worried about cutting through so many layers of paper, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. The website offered some other templates to try, and I think it would be neat to make some bone garland too. Maybe I can put that around my chalkboard in honor of my favorite body-supporting organ.

Total cost:

$1 (5 sheets for $1. At this exact present time, though, I have only cut 1 sheet worth, so really this project is 20 cents)

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