Day 47-Paper Bag Tree Decoration

Most Sundays I plan my week of Pinterest, knowing that it probably won’t turn out quite as planned. I originally thought that the craft stick bracelets were going to be able to be done in one day. That was going to be Wednesday. Unfortunately, they had to sit in a glass overnight. That meant I needed a different project for Wednesday night (based on the rules that I outlined on August 19th). Some family events happened on Wednesday where I needed to be a good Mary Poppins and distract some kids from some adult conversations. That’s when the footprints came in. They were unplanned. That meant that the broccoli cheese cups thing that was on my original list had to get pushed back…to Friday. Well sorry folks, but I was not in a broccoli cheese cup sort of a mood tonight, and then I had to be away from home for a bunch of hours. Never fear though, I found this really cute quick and easy fall decoration.

I simply cut a paper lunch bag into strips halfway down and twisted things together. Then I had a jousting crown that I won that was made of fall-colored artificial flowers. I cut up some of those flowers into “leaves” and glued them on my tree. For the whole “fall” effect, I glued some at the bottom of the tree too. It is now a pretty cute mantelpiece that fits perfectly between my two jousting trophies. (That’s right…two trophies. I am excellent at winning fourth place out of five contestants! Chris wanted to be like Cam on Modern Family and pull out some of his old baseball trophies to put on our mantle so he could compete with be like me.)

I think this would make a good kid craft…maybe for 7 or 8-year-olds and up.

Total cost:

$0 (probably cost something…but a whole pack of bags has like 100 for probably $1…that means it cost 1 cent, but I do not really know if that is accurate.)

Pin it here


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