Day 46 – Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Never once in my life did I think I could buy (generic) Rice Krispies and (generic) marshmallows and NOT have a recipe for Rice Krispie Treats on either package. I had to trudge all the way over to my computer and look one up online. I am so thankful for the internet!

I saw this thing about Frankenstein rice krispie treats, and I thought they would be cute to make this weekend. About mid-week I realized that FRIDAY IS GOODIE DAY! That meant that I should make these treats tonight. I got a late start, and I neglected to think about how it takes Rice Krispie Treats a while to really set. I was impatient, so I only waited about 20-30 minutes and cut them into rectangles. Then I melted a Hershey bar (from the s’mores brownies) so I could dip the heads in for the hair. I was shocked to discover that melting 1 Hershey bar yielded very little chocolate. I didn’t even have enough to dip, so I just used a knife to spread it on. That was very time consuming, but I discovered that I had a thing of milk chocolate chips, so I melted them when the Hershey bar ran out. Their consistency was pretty thick, so I just kept on spreading it with the knife. Then I put the rest of it in a baggie and cut the corner off so I could make the eyes and mouth. My first opening was a perfect size, but since the chocolate was so thick, it busted through after just a few Frankensteins. I was really glad that I caught it before it made a mess. My second opening was a little too big, but I did not want to go through a third bag, so I just went with it. I think that is the cause for them looking a little messier than I wanted them to. The lady on the original picture put pretzel sticks with marshmallows on the ends on the sides of Frank’s neck, but I did not have pretzel sticks. I just “glued” marshmallows with chocolate to the sides. I believe it is a valid substitute.

I am a little disappointed at how these turned out. They were very time-consuming for something that looks kind of messy. I think that maybe if I had taken the time to let them solidify, they would be a little more rectangular. Also, if I had icing for the eyes and mouth, maybe it would have looked tidier than the chocolate. One thing I know for sure is that they will taste delicious. Hopefully my co-workers will be willing to try them instead of passing them by for something that looks prettier.


On a side note, I tried a project request between yesterday and today, and it was very unsuccessful. A friend from college asked that I try to make bracelets out of the big craft sticks. I was riding in a friend’s car, and I noticed she had an entire box of these craft sticks. I didn’t know where to get just a couple of these, and I did not want to buy a pack of them for this project, so it worked out perfectly that I could just take a few to try this. I boiled them and put them in a cup to become circular like a bracelet, but sadly they did not retain their shape. When I took them out of the cup, they made a U shape, but nothing that would stay on anyone’s wrist. Also, as I had it sit on the counter because I wasn’t ready to give up on it yet, it opened up even farther. It is now just a mildly curly popsicle stick. I am not going to go through the trouble of putting scrapbook paper on it because I know they are destined for the trashcan.

Total cost:

$3 (This is an estimate. The marshmallows were $0.97 and I would guess the cereal was about $2)
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