Day 45: Halloween Footprint Ghosts

Happy Halloween…a tiny bit early. To decorate, I enlisted the kiddos to make footprint ghosts and handprint black cats. I knew the footprint ghosts would be cuter than the cats, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to work to paint a kid’s foot and then need to wash it off. I could just imagine little white footprints scattered throughout the house. At least with a handprint, you could walk to the bathroom to wash up. The finished product looked exactly like a handprint. That’s about it. We had to use a hair dryer to get the paint to dry so they could draw the eyes and claws and whiskers on. When we showed the finished project to everyone else, they politely told the kids how great they did, but then turned to me and said “What is it?”  I am pretty sure that could be considered a Pinterest fail.

I am not satisfied with failure, so we pressed onward. They were not ready to be done painting and crafting, so I figured it would be a great time to make a footprint ghost. I was so afraid of a painting mishap that I took them outside for this one. I did not have a paintbrush, so I squirted some white paint onto a paper towel and wiped it on their feet. Then I pressed the paper to their feet to get the print. That worked very well. Since they were sitting on a bench, I was able to wipe the white paint off right away. Hooray for no footprints on the floor! This paint dried pretty quickly, so we glued some google eyes on and Voila! Instant ghosts! These are super cute and make a perfect Halloween decoration. The black cat handprints will be better used for something else…a grocery list…a paper ball…kindling for a bonfire…

Total cost:

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