Day 43

I accidentally did 2 projects today. The main project has been in the works for a few days, but dinner just kind of happened. I had decided we were having something with chicken and shrimp for dinner tonight, but I wasn’t sure what. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this delicious dinner idea. It was so good! I fixed some pasta to go with it and it tasted like a restaurant meal. I added some parmesan cheese to mine which made it even better. One of the greatest parts was fixing just the right amount for no leftovers and no wasted food. Quite often, leftovers sit in our refrigerator for quite some time, but I am trying very hard to be better about eating them. I am off the hook for leftovers tonight because it is all gone. Hooray!

My main project was to copy this nameplate idea for Alyssa and Nick. I think the Pinterest person’s is cuter than mine, but I was working within a budget and with materials that I had available. I had to buy the boards and the paper, but I already had Mod Podge and the white paint came from samples that my mother-in-law bought to try on her house. This one did not make the cut for her walls, but it made a perfect background color for cute scrapbook paper. Overall, I am very happy with the way it turned out. I feel that they need some ribbon or something to go around the edge, and I have some, but I am not sure that it fits the motif that I am going for. I am going to keep my eyes out, but I will probably let them just stay simple.

Total cost:

This is a short post for having 2 projects!


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