Day 42

Day 42 brings you two projects. This was my first “around the house” day in a long time and I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish. Sometime around mid morning, I realized that I should eat some breakfast, and Chris suggested I make bacon and eggs. He missed the point about how I wanted to clean…not mess. Bacon=mess without a doubt. But I was hungry, and there weren’t so many other options. I remembered seeing this pinterest thing where you cook bacon in the oven. I had heard about that a few times before, but I was not sure how it would work. Thanks to Martha Stewart, now I know. I put the slices of bacon on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper and baked them for about 18 minutes. It cooked the bacon perfectly, and the clean-up was a breeze. I threw away the parchment paper and wiped out the excess grease with a paper towel. Then I could just wash the cookie sheets like normal. I will definitely do this again!

The other project was not quite so successful. You see, a few days ago, it just so happened that rice was cooking on the stove and somehow it was a little bit forgotten about and it is now a big black mess on the bottom of my stainless steel pot. I have this dish soap that boasts how you can soak even the grimiest pans and it works in just 5 minutes. I have used this before (on regular stuck on grimy dishes and pans) and it works wonderfully. Well, it does not do a thing for this black charred mess. I scrubbed and scrubbed with a scouring pad, and I got a 2 x 1 inch piece off. But I was exhausted. (Did I mention that I have been working on the pan for DAYS. I figured I would scrub a bit every day until it comes off…) Today I decided to take my predicament to Pinterest and see if anyone had any brilliant ideas. I only found one, so I tried it. I boiled the heck out of that vinegar and I poured in the baking soda like a champ and it sure fizzed up nice and fizzy…and it was just as equally impossible to scrub as ever. I think I need to say goodbye to my pot. To make me feel better about things, Chris suggested that now this is a good excuse to get one of the Calphalon pots I have been looking at. I guess 1 ruined pot in 7 years isn’t so bad. I just hate hate hate when things get messed up. I like my things to stay like new. I keep my small appliances in their original boxes so they still seem new. When I was little, I had a Kid Sister doll (her name was Melanie) and I desperately wanted to take her into the bathtub with me. My mom (who has the same keeping-things-new disorder as I do…wonder where I got it from…) warned me against it and told me how her hair would never be the same after that. Stubbornly, I begged and begged, and I guess she wanted to teach me a lesson (or she is a softy and just wanted me to have a fun bath). I took my (completely cloth except the face) doll into the bathtub, and while she always seemed to smell of my soap, her hair was never the same. My mom tried to re-braid it, but it just wasn’t as tight as the factory braiding. From that day forward, I never undid my dolls hair and I realized how much I like things to be just like new. I had a Rockstar Barbie who had super tight hot pink pants. I remember my cousin Erica telling me to never take those pants off of her or I would never be able to get them back on. I can assure you that Rockstar Barbie is still in my parents’ attic with her original hot pink pants on because I never wanted that to happen.

I guess sometimes you can’t avoid problems like this, but I am still sad. If you have any tips or tricks that you have tried to get burnt on food to come off of a pan, send them my way.


Total Cost:

$5 for the bacon

$probably a jillion for the pot :/


(I noticed from this post that I am an over-user of parentheses. I will try to improve on that)


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