Day 40

With 365 days of Pinteresting on the horizon, I had thought about how fun it would be to redo a piece of furniture. There are a lot of wonderful ideas like Mod-Podging lace onto a dresser drawer and then painting over it, or to take the drawers out of a dresser and make it into a console table. I really want to try the one where you turn a dresser into a bench with drawers underneath for storage. I did a tiny bit of searching for pieces at places like Goodwill and yard sales, but the one or two times that I searched for something great, I turned up empty handed. Then my wonderful friend Victoria proposed that I paint and old shelf she had. She wanted it to be in varying shades of pink, much like this project idea. That was when we went to Lowes and picked out paint samples. She chose Deep Desire, Romantic Rose, Restful Rose, and Innocence; each shade getting progressively lighter. The paint mixer girl said she would be finished in about 10 minutes. That was when we wandered the store and played Pirate (Day 31). In 10 minutes we came back and noticed that Mixer Girl had skipped Restful Rose and created Practically Pink, which we did not ask for in the first place. She had made marks on the paper on the correct colors, but somehow we had the wrong colors and Mixer Girl was nowhere to be found. Luckily, Mixer Man was nearby and assisted us in making the switch. I had always wondered where those “oops” paints came from. I guess it is from when the mixers mix the wrong colors or people don’t return after their 10 minutes to pick up their paint. Now someone was going to get a bargain on a sample of Practically Pink. I went to get a paintbrush while Tori got the samples straight and we were on our way. All was going well except for when we had the mishap of a perfectly paint-sample-shaped hole in our shopping bag, which resulted in each of the containers rolling through the parking lot.

A few days later, I got started on painting, knowing it was likely going to be a job that would take some time. I did the first coat of Deep Desire and Romantic Rose. Then when it was time for Restful Rose, somehow that was nowhere to be found, but we had two jars of Innocence. What the heck happened?!?! No one seems to know. I thought we had checked before we left, but apparently not. So that meant more delays in this project coming to completion. Tonight was the first night since I have had Restful Rose that I have been able to complete it.

In keeping with the mishap style throughout the course of this project, it began raining shortly after I started painting outside tonight. I had noticed that it looked a little cloudy, but that doesn’t always mean rain. Chris looked up the forecast and there was a tiny pocket going south of us that had a little patch headed our way, but with any luck, I thought it might pass right by. I painted a little more quickly than I may normally, but to no avail…it started to rain. Not a big hard rain, but just enough that it was putting marks in my paint. I lugged that thing into my shed and figured I would finish it another day. Then I decided that there really wasn’t that much more to do, so I grabbed a lantern and kept on working. The lighting situation wasn’t the greatest, but it got the job done. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

This picture makes the very top look the same shade as the top shelf, but it is actually different.

Total cost:



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