Day 39

Have you played Ruzzle? It is an app on my phone that I have recently been introduced to and I am pretty terrible. To play, you connect letters to the side or diagonally to create words, but you only have 2 minutes. I am not good under such pressure. I saw this downloadable Boggle game where you put a grid of letters on the wall and students have to find as many words as they can within the given letters. I decided to turn this “Boggle” into “Ruzzle” to bring it into the modern decade. When I was a child, we had all of these old games with pictures of kids with bowl cuts and rainbow sweaters. Among these games was Boggle. I played it a time or two, but compared to the fun ones like Monopoly and Life, Boggle was a bit less fun. When I became a teacher, I kidnapped Boggle and used it in my classroom, and I am sure if I dug deep enough, I would find it somewhere in some box or bin or closet.

This version is much more fun because it is wall sized and now is called Ruzzle. Surely that changes the old boring bowl-cut-hair-do version into a fun and exciting almost-technologically-advanced version. (Ok, so I pretty much only changed the name and a rule or two, but whatever…). Here is the link to the blog where you can download the letters, and I will upload the attachment to my rule sheet. I am not sure how the font will turn out to you when you try to open it because it is one of my new ones that you might not have on your computer (it is called Skinny Jeans). I printed a few extra vowels from the Ruzzle letters because they need to connect letters together and vowels are very useful for multisyllabic words. We’ll see if this turns out to be as successful as I hope it will be! Be on the lookout for an update at the end of the month.

Ruzzle Directions

Total cost:

Definitely not $0 considering the cost of ink these days…also considering that my 10 year old printer seems to be on its last leg. I had to clear paper jams about every 3 sheets it printed. I would estimate tonight’s cost somewhere between $2 (for ink and paper) and $70 (for a new printer).


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