Day 38

I didn’t have a plan for tonight. Usually I sit down on Sundays and plan out my week of Pinterest, but since the Ravens were playing this past Sunday night, I guess I just slipped. I had enough to carry me through for two days, but today came and I was at a loss. Early this morning when I wasn’t ready to get up, I noticed a pin that talked about hard boiling eggs with baking soda to help the shells come off easily. I really like pins that are linked to a blog and I usually like to find the original source of the pin, so I clicked on it. It said that it worked well, but that the eggs sometimes had a sulfuric taste. That did not interest me one bit, so I decided that was not a good idea for tonight’s project. Also because I have a lot of lunchmeat left, and last night’s pork dinner that turned into tonight’s bbq sandwiches could also be a lunch. I certainly did not need to cook any eggs in addition to all that other food I have.

Since I had already pulled the eggs out (which I was pretty confident were still fresh, but I don’t specifically remember when I bought them), I decided to test them for freshness. You will be happy to know that all 4 of them were as fresh as can be. Even the 5th one I tried was fresh, but it was all cracked, so I pitched it.

Since this was kind of a boring project day, I decided to dazzle you with the fancy font downloading that I got from Pinterest. There are so many cute ones from this site. The only problem is that I am struggling to understand quite how to make them active in Word. Sometime around August 19th I needed a good pirate font to help me with my nephew’s birthday cake so I downloaded one, but it never showed up. Frustrated, I chose a standard font and went about my business. The other day, however, I noticed that it was on my list of fonts right in the correct alphabetical order. That inspired me to try this pin that I had seen a while ago. Last night I downloaded one, and it did not show up. I restarted Word…it wasn’t there. I restarted my computer…it wasn’t there. I tried some other junk…it wasn’t there. It said it was installed, but it just wouldn’t show up. I had other important things to do instead of searching for a font, so I quit and figured maybe one day it would show up. This morning at work, I noticed that it was there, just not in alphabetical order. I am not sure why, but it showed up down past “Zapfino” and slightly before the Chinese/Korean/Japanese. I really don’t think it was there last night, but at any rate, I was able to print my objective using it. I told everyone about it, and they kind of looked at me like I was a loser, but since they are nice to me, they politely smiled and continued their boring conversation about our school day (I mean, really, what’s more important here…my font or what we are going to be teaching in a few minutes???) Tonight I decided to try downloading some more fonts. It says they are installed, so I am just waiting for the magic font fairy to appear and bring them to my computer whenever she feels like it. I am not going to take the time to search for them. When they are good and ready to come out, I am sure they will.

If anyone out there knows what I can do to make them appear sooner, that might be a bit of a help too 🙂


Total Cost

(p.s. just kidding about that whole boring conversation comment…we make an awesome team!)


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