Day 37

Tonight was Pinterest for dinner. I was so excited about making this apple pork tenderloin in the crock pot. I love anything that is in the crock pot because that means that I don’t need to figure out what to fix for dinner when I get home. As I was putting the key in my door, I could smell it cooking from inside. I was slightly disappointed to see how it looked when I peeked in, but I didn’t get too discouraged. My apples had turned very brown and no longer really resembled apples. Maybe that was how it was supposed to look because I never saw a finished product picture. The reviews on the blog where the recipe came from were really great, so I was sure mine was going to be great too. When it came time to eat it, I was quickly saddened to realize that this basically tasted like plain pork. It had a slight appley flavor in certain spots, but mostly it was plain. I quickly made a packet of pork gravy (which I could find very quickly since I had a nice pantry packet organizer from day 19), which made it taste better. I am thinking the problem may lie within the apples. The recipe called for 3 red delicious apples, and the blogger who posted this appeared to use large apples. I thought I had 3 apples, but they were the kind that come all in one bag, which tend to be quite small. And as it turned out, I only had 2 of those. I sliced them pretty thinly to make them go further, and I think that was the problem. There just wasn’t enough apple to give it a strong flavor, and their thinness is probably what made them look so brown after cooking all day.

There is a lot of leftover pork, so I am going to put bbq sauce on it tomorrow and have some sandwiches for dinner. At least we could get 2 dinners out of this meal.

Total cost:


(here’s the blog where this recipe came from if you want to try it. I recommend trying it, but be sure to do the right amount of apples…)


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