Day 36

I love my Cricut. If you have never used a Cricut, you are really missing out. It cuts paper into beautiful shapes. The one I have only cuts paper, but some cut things like fabric and cake fondant and probably other stuff too. You need to have cartridges of the shapes you want to cut, and I got a little worried that I wouldn’t have a letter cutter that made the type of shape that I would want for this project, but never fear…I had the perfect one.

Tonight I made a key holder from a picture frame and I put my initial inside like the one in the pin. I attached some hooks to the bottom and voila, instant key holder. The only thing I need to change is that I need to put some smaller silver hooks instead of the brass ones I have. That should be an easy enough fix. We bought a really cute picture frame ledge from IKEA yesterday, so once that is put up, I would like to put this key holder under it. Thanks IKEA for 2 great Pinterest projects!

Total cost:



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