Day 35

I love IKEA. I spent a few hours there today and have 2 Pinterest project ideas in the works. One is tonight’s project, and I am hoping one will be tomorrow’s. I guess that means that tonight’s project is no longer “in the works.” It is completed.

Every month at work we have Goodie Day where one grade level is responsible for bringing delicious treats to share with the staff. It is so fun, and there are a lot of neat things to try, but sometimes it is like a guessing game to see what we are eating. I was supposed to have created labels for the first Goodie Day this year, but I failed at that. Then a co-worker suggested this Pinterest project, and IKEA helped me pull it off.

Today I bought 10 frames. They came in sets of 2 for $2.99, so I figured that was a good enough price. I cut scrapbook paper to go in place of a picture and now people can write with a dry-erase marker to label their goodies. I thought I had a little hiccup in my plans when I realized that the clear part was not glass like I had thought. Instead, it is plastic. I tested with a marker before I opened all of the other ones, and it pretty much erased, so I figured we would be good. You needed to give it a little elbow grease, but it came off. That would do for the few times a year we needed them. Then I put in the paper as the background and replaced the back. When I turned it around to look at it, I noticed that there was still a recycling arrow picture in the middle of the glass. I was so baffled. How do they expect this to come off? I had thought it was on the paper that told about the frame, and if it was on the plastic, I had no idea how to get this kind of paint off. Within about 20 seconds, I realized this must be a cover to protect the clear part from fingerprints. Sure enough, I peeled the film off (of both sides) and we were in business. As it turns out, the actual plastic part is much more erasable than the plastic film. Can’t wait to use these cute things on October 5!

Total Cost

$15 (but $0 once I get my reimbursement).


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