Day 34

I am a big fan of things being cute. I am not, however, a big fan of things wasting hours of my time in the name of cuteness when “regular” will do just fine. Tonight’s project is a Character Traits graphic organizer to be used in my classroom. Character traits is a skill that you would think students would grasp easily, but unfortunately, it is quite a struggle. I was hoping that this cute activity might make the mundane task of telling about characters more enjoyable. It would have been WONDERFUL if the link from Pinterest took me right to the page where this person had their document, but it didn’t, and I didn’t search through the blog to find it. I figured I could type something up much faster and tweak it for my needs instead. I was heading out to dinner about 40 minutes away, so I brought my computer to make this on the way (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving…I mean, I don’t think there is a law against graphic organizing while driving). I finished just in time for us to be getting off on the exit we needed. I wasn’t satisfied with one little tweak that was out of order, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. It’s ok, I would figure it out on the way home and be done in a jiffy.

You see, the original creator of this had a very nice border surrounding her organizer, and I was attempting to do the same. The problem was that once I put my drawings and lines inside the border, parts of the border stopped showing up. I thought I would remedy that problem by organizing it so my pictures were in the back and the border was in the front. The only tiny little problem was that 2 of my lines were just big enough that they went outside the border by a few millimeters. I could not for the life of me figure out how to capture those dumb lines now that I had sent them to the back. I searched and searched to no avail. I probably searched for nearly the entire 40-minute ride back home. Finally, when I got home, I decided to start over and try something new. I still could not get that dumb border around my graphic organizer. That is when I decided that sometimes things are just not meant to be. The kids will do this assignment the same as they would whether there is a border around it or not. They will turn it in and I will grade it and they will all get As and their parents will throw it in the trash shortly after seeing their grade when their weekly folders go home whether there is a border on it or not. So I am choosing NOT. I am pretty sure I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that it is an adequate assignment that I can be proud of.

Character Traits Graphic Organizer

(I am attempting to embed a Word file…we’ll see how this works. Please feel free to use this in your classroom, but if you choose to post it on another site, please give my blog a shout out)

Total cost:



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