Month 1 Update

On August 20, I decided to start this wonderful adventure, and it has now been one month of incredibly fun projects, all discovered on the glorious website Pinterest. It has been a challenge some days to find a project that fits within my time constraints, or that I have the materials for, or that I feel that I am capable of completing without losing my mind. You have been witness to some really great moments this month (like my felt circle wreath) and some not-so-successful things (like Day 1’s wrapping paper covered cereal box). I thought I would give you some updates to follow up on what has happened since some of these projects have been completed.

Let’s start with Day 1. I mentioned how I might Mod Podge the paper on so it looks better, but I never did that. I spoke to someone at work who said she tried it and it made it a little better, but it still wasn’t great. That was enough for me to just toss that project in the trash.

Day 4

I created 3 projects for my classroom that day. My favorite project was my desk, and it is great. The only problem is that my letters have fallen off a few times. Currently one of my i’s is off and I keep forgetting to glue it back on. I also made apples for parents this day. I thought they were so cute. None of the parents made any comments about them one way or the other. I don’t even distinctly remember any thank-yous. Some of the kids ate them immediately, so at least I know they were put to good use (I guess). As I suspected, some kids gobbled up the Lucky Charms baggies without so much as a second thought. Others took them home to show their families.

Day 7

I love my calendar cover. I was disappointed that the original red cover wouldn’t fit inside the one I made, but I hardly think about that anymore. I even made one for a co-worker. I really thought I knew how to remedy my first mistakes so that her red cover would fit inside, but again, it was too small. I genuinely think that NOW I actually know what to do differently if I were to make another.

Day 13

This was the caramels day. They were very tasty once they were not refrigerated. When it was time to leave West Virginia, I put some in a baggie to take home. I did not cut them apart, I just put a chunk in a bag and threw it in my tote. I was headed to visit my parents on the way home, so I thought I would bring some to share. What I thought was going to be a small gathering of out of town family members that night turned into a very large family gathering involving crabs and babies, and an unsuccessful attempt at getting a snowball. I had the bag of caramel sitting on the counter. At this point, after 4-5 hours in a car, and 4-5 more hours of sitting on the counter, its original shape began to look very flattened and my cousin said “um…what is that on the counter?” So I told her about the caramels. She said “OH! Good! I thought it was like a dried out chicken breast or a liver or something!” Then, about an hour later, a different cousin noticed it and asked the same thing. She, too, thought it was a piece of old chicken. So, let this be a lesson if you ever make these caramels. They do not quite keep their shape and could be mistaken for something quite disgusting.

Day 15

The reusable snack baggie is really too small for much. It holds Wheat Thins and Goldfish very well, but when I tried Triscuits, it was a little too full and they are too crumbly. I will need to make a bigger one next time.

Day 17

Don’t use hot glue on bobby pins. They break very easily.


That’s about all I have for my update. If you have anything you were wondering about that I did not mention here, feel free to ask!


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