Day 32

You win some…you lose some. Sometimes when I am not paying attention, I tend to be the one who loses. Tonight was one of those nights. I had to stay at work for “Intervention Night.” Last year I had no parents show up, so I was planning on it being a night to get things done…like my Pinterest project. I got a little wrapped up in school-related things when I realized that I needed to get started on my project. It was slightly before 5:00 so I got cutting and gluing and I made these cute little tents that go on kids’ desks to say when they need help. One side says “I need help” and the other side says “I’m working hard.” We have a lot of help-needing kids in our room and since we are co-teaching, there are always a few extra people wandering around to offer out help. We have a college student some days, a high-school student everyday, and an actual assistant sometimes, so it would be helpful for them to see when kids need help instead of having the kids raise their hands indefinitely. I designed them specifically so they could fold into a triangle, but be unfolded to fit inside a folder in their desk when they are not using it. I wanted only one sign to be facing outward at a time, so there would not be any confusion as to which notice they needed. I made a little practice sign to test things out to make sure they would do what I wanted them to, and got right to cutting and gluing. I laminated them for extra durability and when I realized it took me about 45 minutes to do all of this, I decided that cutting these apart would be a perfect project for our high-school assistant to help out with. I cut two out so I could show you how it will show just one notice at a time. As I was posing the cards for the picture I realized one teeny minor thing that went wrong that ruined my entire plan. The “I’m working hard” sign would be upside down if the “I need help” sign was not showing. I don’t know if this makes sense to type. It is more the type of thing I probably need to show you. Just know that I glued and laminated 40 cards incorrectly. Yep…40. All laminated so that’s how they are going to stay. I have decided to make them a basic tent instead of a triangle tent. Then it will show “I’m working hard” right side up while “I need help” is upside down. If they need help, they can set it so only “I need help” is showing, but it will be like an L on their desk, which could potentially be more visible and noticeable than my original plan. That was a lot of description that you probably didn’t care to know about, but I am sure that you are a much more well-rounded person now that you are fully informed.

Total Cost:

$0 (My school has purchased all of these materials)


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