Day 29

One place I pretty much never go is Wendy’s. I never really went there much, even as a child, but on the rare occasion that I would, my super fun mom would let me get a Frosty. It was like a thick milkshake that you had to eat with a spoon. They only had chocolate, and if you read my previous post from a few days ago, you would know my feelings on chocolate, but man did I love that Frosty. Then to my amazement, a few years ago they came out with a vanilla Frosty. I was sure to try that, and it was just as delicious as the original. I have probably had about 5-6 Frosties in my lifetime, but they are good. Tonight’s Pinterest made me wish I had a Frosty–a real one–either chocolate or vanilla.

This recipe is for a “healthy” Mock Frosty, which should have been my first clue to steer clear, but sometimes things surprise you. I followed the recipe almost exactly, except with vanilla pudding instead of chocolate. I also omitted the Cool Whip because I could not see buying an entire thing of it when I only needed 2 tablespoons. I noticed that it was particularly runny when I finished, but I thought that maybe it just needed to set since it was made with pudding. I put it in the refrigerator and proceeded to wash the dishes, and it was slightly thicker than it was, but man was it not delicious. It tasted like drinking pudding, except with ice chunks in it and an extremely strong artificial sweetener flavor. I gave it to Chris to drink. The quote I just got from him is “it’s not terrible,” so you should try it and judge for yourself. I can only speak for myself when I say that I desperately need some real Berger Cookies and a Frosty to cure these cravings that I have now developed thanks to this blog.

I took a picture, but since there is an uploading limit on this website, and I still have more than 300 days to go, I figure I will let you imagine it with a descriptive haiku:

This looks like pudding

Only slightly less yellow

In a plastic cup

Total cost:



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