Day 27

Have you ever planned something so perfectly that you were amazed at how it all came together? I have too, but this weekend of Pinteresting was not one of those times. Last night, while cycling at the gym, I was deciding that this weekend would be full of Pinterest recipes. I made a grocery list on my phone of all of the ingredients I would need, and even though I was a dirty sweatball, I ventured out to the grocery store to get the 4 ingredients I needed for each day. The first problem came when our lovely small town grocery store does not have caramels. Seriously? It is becoming Halloween season and you don’t have caramels? I can’t wait for Walmart to open. They would have caramels. Ok, strike one. Last night I made the Berger Cookies with no problems (except the taste of the chocolate, but that is no one’s fault). This morning I planned on waking up early to make mini cinnamon rolls before going to visit one of my best buddies for Artsfest, which is quite a ways away. I was meeting my mom at a central location that is an hour away from here and we were riding the rest of the way together. It would be a great treat for us to have along the way. I needed to leave here at 8:30. At 7:56 I awoke with a jolt and yelled out “OH CRAP!” Which woke Chris up (oops) who quickly reminded me that it would be ok. I had plenty of time to get ready and I arrived at my first destination at exactly 9:30 as planned. Unfortunately, mini-cinnamon rolls were not a part of this morning. I thought I would have a chance to find caramels somewhere for the other recipe, but I forgot to look. Because of that, I decided to make the mini cinnamon rolls tomorrow morning. That left me with the predicament of what to do tonight…


That brings us to this funny little guy.

The pin shows him holding keys, a tissue, a note…the possibilities are endless. Lucky for me, a few days ago I had to buy a small shower caddy to hold my marinade packages, so I happened to have 2 extra suction cups sitting around. I cut a hole into the back of the ball and put a suction cup into it. I sliced a slit for the mouth and hot-glued on some google eyes. He is super cute and super functional. The only problem is that it seems my keys may be a little more than he can handle, considering as soon as I sat down to type this post, my keys and the tennis ball man clattered to the counter. Another problem is that the suction cup won’t stick to just anything. It only sticks to a mirror that is in my living room (which is not really the kind of place I would want this guy to hang) and my microwave. Neither is really the most ideal place for my keys to hang, or for me to put a note that my husband needs to see in the morning. We’ll see how much use this guy gets on a daily basis. And where he will permanently perch. I keep meaning to do an update post, so when I get around to that, I will include this in it.


Total Cost:

$0 (Tennis ball was free from Race for the Cure, I have had the google eyes for a jillion years, and the suction cups came from something else)


2 thoughts on “Day 27

    • I definitely thought about it. The only problem is that there is no good place that I want to put it, so I didn’t really want it stuck there long anyway. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

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