Day 26

I am not really a chocolate lover. There. I said it. I know I am a weirdo, but it is true. I mean I like chocolate. I really like it when it is with things…like caramel. I even like it plain when it is the really creamy milk chocolate kind. I like chocolate chip cookies. I like chocolate milk. I have a strong like for chocolate. I have discovered that I do not love when things are chocolate on chocolate, or made with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. One time I read something about making chocolate covered pretzels with semi-sweet chocolate chips so I tried it and I hated it. I couldn’t even eat them. Maybe it was from this experience, but since then, I have not really liked to use chocolate chips in anything except for chocolate chip cookies, or muffins, or things like that.

I had high hopes for tonight’s recipe, even though it called for melting chocolate chips. Since it was mixed with heavy cream and powdered sugar, I had hoped that it would make it more like milk chocolate.

Tonight’s recipe was homemade Berger Cookies. If you have never had Berger Cookies, you need to march out to your nearest (Baltimore area) store right away and get a pack. They are only sold in the Baltimore area, but they are some of the best cookies ever. They are basically little round cookies piled high with delicious chocolate icing/fudge/amazingness. Since my recipe called for making the chocolate with chocolate chips, I do not love it. The cookie part is tasty. They are not bad. I like them. But they do not taste like the ones you can buy. I am glad I tried them, so now I know that it is totally worth the $5 to buy them.

As far as a recipe goes, it was pretty easy. Just mix some stuff together. Then bake it. Then mix some chocolate and stuff together and stir. There was a slight mishap when I heard a scuffle across the way and turned to see quite possibly the biggest wasp I have ever seen flying around my kitchen. I was determined not to let that scare me away, so I continued to mix stuff with one eye looking at my bowl and one eye scanning for his current location. As far as I know, he did not make his way into the dough. If he did, I will buy that lucky winner a pack of real Berger Cookies.

Total cost:

$4 (ish), which is disappointing because I would have been better suited to just buy them. Sadly, there is no Pinterest project that involves just buying Berger Cookies.


I am having some trouble uploading the picture. I will post it on my Facebook page if I can.


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