Day 23

My life is changed forever. I can’t believe I have lived so long without knowing that you can use your MIXER to chop up chicken for chicken salad. After 7 years of marriage, I finally got a Kitchenaid mixer. I absolutely love love love it. Before this past Christmas, I would need to stand beside my Hamilton Beach mixer and hold the bowl still. Now I can be mixing a cake and put my ingredients away at the same time! Genius!

Back to the topic…

I am not going to be home until late tomorrow night, and since I am the best wife ever, I decided to make some chicken salad for Chris for dinner. (Also because I am so tired of eating lunchmeat sandwiches for lunch, so I plan on taking some for myself tomorrow). I saw this idea and I thought surely it doesn’t work as well as it seems. Well it does. My days of spending hours (ok, minutes) chopping chicken with my fancy Pampered Chef chopping scissors are over. I still love those chopping scissors, but now I don’t know what I am going to use them for. I will never make chicken salad the same way again!

I wonder what other secret uses my mixer has…


Total Cost:

$2 maybe. I don’t really remember how much the chicken cost.


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