Day 21

I completely love my project for today. In the words of my niece, Alyssa, “You are one crafty lady!” I love making things. I love seeing regular things turn into something pretty. Today (and a little bit yesterday) I turned regular sheets of felt, straight pins, and a wreath form into a nice looking ruffle wreath. I got the idea from this girl, who made hers using white felt. I have a white door, so I chose black. I thought that cutting out a bunch of circles would have taken a really long time, but surprisingly, it didn’t. I was able to cut through 2 sheets of felt at once, which helped things go quickly. At one point today, Alyssa helped me fold them and handed them to me as I was ready. That was a major help and time saver.
This picture makes it look very dusty, but it is not. It also makes it look like a white spot is showing through on the right side, but it is not.


I used about 16 9×12 sheets of felt. I could get 12 circles per sheet, which means I used 192 circles. The girl on the tutorial suggested using a thimble, and I totally agree, except I did not use one. I survived, but it would have made for a more comfortable time. She also used 3 inch circles, but I liked the look of 2 inch circles better, so that’s what I went with. I may have picked a smaller frame than her too, which was suitable for smaller circles. This was a fun and easy project. I really recommend it!


Total Cost:

$8 (that dumb wreath form cost me $5!)


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