Day 20

Tonight’s lesson: Plan ahead. I spent a good part of the day ripping out my in-laws’ carpet and pulling up staples. I thought I would have plenty of time for a Pinterest project when I got home. We had to go to Home Depot, so on the way, I was frantically searching my Pinterest app to find something to do for the night. I decided to get a tension rod to go under my front bathroom sink to hold all of my spray bottles. At Home Depot, I quickly grabbed a tension rod and we were on our way. I was imagining all of the wonderful things I could do with using shoeboxes for the non-spray things and how amazing it would look and how proud of me you would be. The only problem is that my tension rod is 28 inches long, and my cabinet is not. I thought it sounded a little long, but it looked about right, and I was in a hurry. Whoops. It fits under the bathroom sink in my bedroom, which is good and useful and everything, except that is not where I keep my cleaning supplies. I have taken a picture of it for you to see, and it looks pretty great there, I do have to say. I am going to give it a try back there, but I can see that I will get frustrated with walking so far to get my Clorox Clean-Up when I need it. I found a perfect place for a smaller rod to go under my kitchen sink, so I am pretty sure once that happens, I will love it. I will be sure to let you know about that (but I will not count it as one of the 365 of course).

Do you love our bathroom wall paper? I’m trying to bring that style back.

Total Cost:

$0 (I had a gift card…at least I didn’t waste my actual money on this mistake.)


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